Wiley Humanities Festival 2016

Day 1

Wiley and The Humanities: A History
Edgar Allen Poe, Margaret Fuller, Ludwig Wittgenstein…explore Wiley’s history of publishing groundbreaking works in the humanities.

A Conversation with Sally Scholz, Editor of Hypatia
Listen to Sally Scholz talk about why it’s important to always be curious, and how feminism poses deep philosophical questions on the nature of being for both men and women.

Q&A with David S. Oderberg, Professor of Philosophy and Editor of Ratio
A lifelong humanities scholar divulges his origin story, and why he thinks the humanities matter.

Wiley Summer Interns
“You’re majoring in WHAT?” Five Wiley summer interns share their experiences as humanities students.

Interview with Samia Khatun, Postdoctoral Fellow and Author of “The Book of Marriage: Histories of Muslim Women in Twentieth-Century Australia” in a forthcoming issue of Gender & History
Hear how a mathematics student stumbled upon a class on race relations…and decided to make sense of the world through a career as a historian instead.

Wiley Research Collection on Humanities History, Policy, Education, and Advocacy
End Day 1 of the festival by reading articles from the vast Wiley humanities journals portfolio. Kick back, relax, and enjoy!

Day 2

Wiley Colleagues
Fifteen Wiley colleagues from around the world talk about what the humanities means to them and their work at a two hundred year old publishing house.

Q&A with Sara Dant, Professor of History and Author of Losing Eden: An Environmental History of the American West
Dr. Dant tells us how she went from majoring in public relations to becoming an environmental historian, and explains why she finds history so meaningful.

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Panelists are:

Dr. Willem B. Drees
Editor of Zygon: Journal of Religion and Sciences
Professor of Philosophy of the Humanities and Dean of the Tilburg School of Humanities

Dr. Chris Higgins
Editor of Educational Theory
Associate Professor of Philosophy of Education and Co-Director of Centrality of Translation to Humanities at NEH Summer Institute for College Teachers, National Endowment for the Humanities

Dr. Ethan Kleinberg
Editor of History and Theory
Professor of History and Letters and Director of Center for the Humanities at Wesleyan University

Caitlin Pollock
Digital Humanities Librarian at the Center for Digital Scholarship
Liaison to Philosophy, Africana Studies, and Classics at the Indiana University/Purdue University Library

Interview with Theodoros Rakopoulos, Postdoctoral Fellow and Author of “Solidarity: the egalitarian tensions of a bridge-concept” in the May Issue of Social Anthropology
A social anthropologist tells us about his current research in Greece, and what his findings can teach us about modern society.

A Conversation with Clara Fischer and Shelley Park, Professors of Philosophy and Guest Editors of Forthcoming Hypatia Special Issues
Feminist theorists discuss their “aha!” moments and how technology is changing the landscape of philosophy.

Closing Remarks & Wiley Research Collection on Medical and Digital Humanities
As the festival comes to a close, we thank you for attending the first ever Wiley Humanities Festival. Check out other recommended resources on the humanities, and read medical and digital humanities articles from the Wiley humanities journals portfolio that are expanding the humanities landscape.